Dulcet & Studio, Liang Court

We stumbled upon Dulcet & Studio when we were looking for a place to hang out after having our omurice lunch at Pecori. Little did we know that there is a nice cozy cafe at the corner of Liang Court in Clarke Quay. Dulcet & Studio serves cakes, cookies, mains and coffees. The packaging of the cookies looks so nice. 

Dulcet & Studio, Liang Court

It seems that Dulcet & Studio serves Japanese style of cakes. We were in a huge dilemma deciding over a various choice of cakes available at Dulcet & Studio.

Japanese cakes at Dulcet & Studio Liang Court Clarke Quay

Our choice for that lazy Sunday afternoon fell upon Dulcet & Studio's chiffon cakes because the waiter behind the counter told us that Dulcet & Studio specializes in chiffon cakes. I chose the Strawberry Shortcake chiffon cake. 

Dulcet & Studio Strawberry Cheesecake Chiffon Cake

My friend, on the other hand, chose Hazelnut Chiffon Cake. We note that the cake does not look triangular like how a slice of cake usually looks like. I wonder if that have to do with the making of chiffon cakes but oh well, we only know how to eat cake and not how to bake it so yeah...

Dulcet & Studio Hazelnut Chiffon Cake

Both chiffon cakes taste so good and we were pretty much enjoying our sweet Sunday afternoon at Dulcet & Studio.

Dulcet & Studio Chiffon Cakes at Clarke Quay

If only we don't have to walk that far to Liang Court from Clarke Quay MRT station, we will visit this cafe much more often. #lazytowalk

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