Flor Patisserie, Duxton Hill

If you happen to stay around Tanjong Pagar area in Singapore (check out the 10 best hotels in Tanjong Pagar) either for business or pleasure and you are looking for a quaint cafe to relax for a while around 8-ish in the evening, well, you can probably only come to Flor Patisserie in Duxton Hill. It happened to us before, we just had our dinner at Violet Herbs in Tras Link and we wanted to continue our talk in a cafe. But somehow most cafes located in Tanjong Pagar close at 6PM. Even on Saturday. Thankfully, Flor Patisserie opens until 10PM. And to cut story short, here is where we spent the rest of the night talking about our lives. Hahaha.

Flor Patisserie, Duxton Hill

There are a lot of paintings sold at Flor Patisserie. The paintings though...all depicts human and somehow I feel like we are being watched while we are eating and drinking. Oh well, it's all in your mind...it's all in your mind...

Paintings at Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill

Our companion for the long chat that night. From top left clockwise, a cup of hot cocoa, a glass of blueberry latte, a maple cheese tart, and a slice of strawberry souffle. The blueberry latte does not taste sweet but I can't really feel the taste of the coffee. The effect that night though...shows that it is indeed a latte because I could not sleep until 2AM. 

Cakes and Coffees at Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill

We were engrossed in deep chat up to the point we did not remember to take individual shot of the cakes that we ordered. Oh well, thanks goodness for Google. Flor Patisserie has various flavors for its cheesetarts. There are original, maple, and green tea. The lady behind the counter recommended maple cheese tart so we ordered one for sharing. The maple filling can be tasted without being too sweet. Overall a nice cheese tart to eat. 

Maple Cheese Tart at Flor Patisserie Duxton

The Strawberry Souffle taste pretty much similar to its sister, Strawberry Shortcake. The sponges taste fluffy and light (just like any Japanese cakes). The berries are kinda sour so you should eat them together with the cake and cream. If you like Japanese version of cakes, you will enjoy this cake. 

Strawberry Souffle at Flor Patisserie Duxton

When we reached Flor Patisserie around 8+, the remaining cakes at the display counter are limited so if you'd like to see more choices, make sure you come earlier during the day as they are very popular amongst the local. 

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