Hatched, Holland Village

Our foodie adventure in Holland Village continues and this time, we are dining in at Hatched. The menu comes as a catalog of eggs. Judging from the name of the restaurant, I guess Hatched's specialties are egg-based dishes. 

Hatched, Holland Village

Not limited to the menu, there are eggs to be spotted literally everywhere. All kind of eggs too. The display cabinet shows what looks like a variety of easter eggs. 

Hatched Egg Restaurant in Holland Village Singapore

There is another decorative cabinet which looks like a rack cabinet in your kitchen. And yep, there are eggs on this rack cabinet, of course. 

Hatched at Holland Village Singapore

Despite its love for eggs, thankfully Hatched sells normal alcohol and not egg-based alcohol. It sells a variety of fruity beer too. Mine's raspberry beer and it taste quite sour just like raspberry. XD

Fruit beer at Hatched Holland Village

My dining buddy could not resist a bowl of fries. I don't remember if Hatched sells truffle fries though.

Hatched Fries Holland Village

My egg dish for that night is rosti with a sausage and sunny side up. A touch of sour cream is added on the spoon. 

Hatched Rosti Sausage with Sunny Side Up Holland Village

While my dining buddy's choice of egg dish is egg wrap. I love my rosti but her egg wrap does not taste bad either. 

Hatched Egg Wrap Holland Village

There are two locations of Hatched in Singapore. One is located in Holland Village while the other one is located at Evans Road. 

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