La Croazia Pizza Bakar, Tangerang

Whenever we go to visit my aunt who lives in Tangerang, a city located at the outskirt of Jakarta, my mum and I like to check out new place to eat. This time around, there were quite a big number of us because my other aunt and her whole family joined us for dinner. So, in total we had 7 people dining together. Since, we were kinda bored of the usual Chinese food, we decided to have pizza for dinner. La Croazia Pizza Bakar had received good review from my mum's colleague and hence, we agreed to check out the restaurant. 

La Croazia Pizza Bakar, Tangerang

La Croazia Pizza Bakar is not a big in size but luckily, there were not many diners that night so we able to secure our table immediately. It sells a variety of wood-fire pizza from seafood to cheese pizza. The name of these pizza(s) are pretty creative too. 

Pizza Menu at La Croazia Pizza Bakar Tangerang

Since there are two hungry guys amongst us and the pizza is quite thin, we ordered a total of four pizzas. The first one is called La Croazia, which happens to be the most pride item in the menu (I suppose, judging from its name). It taste pretty good (notwithstanding the fact that it has a lot of olives). 

La Croazia Pizza at La Croazia Pizza Bakar

The second pizza, Carne Picante, taste so-so in comparison to La Croazia. 

La Croazia Pizza Bakar Carne Picante

The third pizza is meant to be consumed by cheese lover. Quatro Carne's main ingredient is cheese and hence the pizza is pretty salty. 

La Croazia Pizza Bakar Quatro Carne

If you love seafood as the toppings for your pizza, you must order another favorite of La Croazia Pizza Bakar called Black Frutti Di Mare. It is quite special because the color of the dough is infused with the squid ink and hence, the black color. Taste pretty good too. 

La Croazia Pizza Bakar Black Frutti Di Mare

My cousin is in the mood for some cocktail. A blue curacao cocktail to be exact. Meanwhile, I am quite happy with my local drink, Teh Botol Sosro. LOL.

La Croazia Blue Curacao Cocktail

La Croazia Pizza Bakar is located at the following address:

Kelapa Dua, Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong, Kec. Tangerang

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