Lady M New York in Singapore

The first time I heard about Lady M is from a high school friend of mine who is currently working in New York. His passion lies in eating and hence, obviously he has tried Lady M's cakes before. He told us that it is worth a visit. But since, I can't seem to afford a trip to the US anytime soon, I guess it is faster for me to go to Orchard Central and visit Lady M New York's outlet there. XD

Lady M offers both savoury and sweet dishes (which are mostly cakes, fyi). My cafe date has not had her lunch yet and hence, insisted that she must order something savory before she can enjoy the cakes. She ordered smoked duck panini which is served with chips and a small bits of coleslaw. I wish they give us more coleslaw seriously. On the other side, the smoked duck panini taste good though. 

But, my main goal to dine at Lady M New York is of course, the cakes. We ordered two slices of cakes. One is completely the opposite of another. 

The first cake looks completely distressed as its main ingredient is actually mousse. The mango mousse cake taste light kinda like those Japanese patisserie. Can't really taste the crispiness of the crust as it becomes pretty moist once you combine them with the mousse.

The next cake is actually one of the signature cake from Lady M New York (apart from the mille crepes which oh-my-gawd why we did not order). The cake is named Checkers and it really reminds me of those cake that I used to buy from the market when I was small. The price of the Checkers of Lady M is of course like 9x more expensive than that market snack. LOL. 

Checkers by Lady M New York Singapore

Oh right, taste wise, the mixture of cream and chocolate sponge cake works well and I enjoyed Checkers more than the Mango Mousse. 

Lady M New York is located at level 1 and 2 of Orchard Central Shopping Mall. 

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