Salt Lake, Turkey

Toward the end of our journey in Turkey, we visited the second largest lake in the country named Tuz Golu (re: Salt Lake). Obvious from the name, the lake is one of the hypersaline lakes in the world. The area near Salt Lake is pretty much developed for tourism with a lot of shops selling souvenirs and food. Even hats, which I bought one because Salt Lake is so hot. =P

Salt Lake, Turkey

The lake is pretty much walkable because it is literally covered in salt. We visited the lake in the summer so the lake is really really shallow. Heard during winter, part of the salt is dissolved in the fresh water that is introduced to the lake by precipitation and surface runoff. 

Tuz Golu Salt Lake Turkey

Salt Lake was declared a specially protected area in the year 2001. The protected area covers all of the lake surface and surrounding waterbeds and some of the important neighboring steppe areas.

Salt Lake in Turkey near Konya

We did not really spend a lot of time at Salt Lake because there was pretty much nothing else to see once we had fun with the salts. And it's already time for lunch, so we proceeded to the nearby restaurant to have our lunch. Yeay! As usual, the meal starts with the mandatory tomato soup and...

Turkish Tomato Soup

... a plate of fresh cut vegetables with a few drips of olive oil. I swear I will probably lose weight the longer I stay in Turkey. 

Fresh Turkish Salad

Oh wait, probably not, because there are always meat involved in our meal. Hehehe. 

Stir fried meat and veggies Turkish style

And don't forget the big juicy plums as dessert. Yum! 

Turkish plums

As Salt Lake is located quite near to the city of Konya, you should include this place in your itinerary after your visit to the Mevlana Museum in Konya. 

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