Som Tam, a Hidden Thai Restaurant at Orchard Central

I seriously envy those people who keep going for staycation but at the same, don't feel like spending money on staycation in Singapore. Hahaha. Oh for you who don't know the concept of staycation, it's basically spending the night in the hotel which is located in the city where you are residing. A lot of people in Singapore loves this activity (especially those with small kids who are too small for travelling). This include my friend from high school who now has a one-year-old son. It happens that this week she's staycationing at the newest hip hotel on top of Orchard Gateway, Hotel Jen. No wonder, she can easily ask me out to meet her at Som Tam, which is located a stone away at the next-door Orchard Central (fyi, she seldom asks me out since giving birth, like ever!).

Som Tam, a Hidden Thai Restaurant at Orchard Central

As a good friend who is happened to be hungry, I met her demand to meet at Som Tam, which is located pretty hidden actually right at the corner where Kiseki is located. Som Tam is like the Thai version of Xin Wang HK Cafe. It sells a variety of food from burger to pasta to traditional Thai food. The taste of the food is dominated by favorite Thai flavor like tom yam and basil though. 

Som Tam Thai Food Menu Orchard

When you are eating in a Thai restaurant, an order of Thai Milk Tea is deemed necessary. Even though I know this drink is gonna be so sweet. 

Thai Milk Tea Som Tam Orchard Central

Both of us are a fan of green curry and this shows up in our food order that night. I ordered Green Curry Pasta which looks like Green Curry Noodle but you substitute the noodle with spaghetti instead. The pasta comes with a lot of vegetables and chicken (thankfully). 

Green Curry Pasta Som Tam Orchard

While my friend ordered Green Curry Chicken which is served with a bowl of white rice. The portion of the green curry chicken is pretty big. The green curry taste is quite nice and we enjoyed Som Tam's rendition of the green curry in both the soup form and the pasta form. 

Green Curry Chicken at Som Tam Orchard Central

Whenever two girls are meeting for dinner, a dessert is bound to happen. From the review that I read online about Som Tam, it seems that a lot of diners are raving about the dessert item called the "After You" toast. Apparently "After You" toast is very famous in Bangkok. I've never taste the real one in Bangkok but once the toast arrived at our table...err, to be honest with you, the dessert does not look pretty, presentation-wise. The interesting part about this dessert is that you can select the gelato with those fancy flavour such as green curry, Thai tea, sticky rice or Thai basil with choco chip. We were pretty adventurous and ordered Thai basil with choco chip. I don't know how to explain but the whole combination is just well...either you like it or you hate it or you are just confused. I am confused indeed. Hahaha.

After You Toast with Basil Gelato with Choco Chip Orchard

Tried to take an aerial shot for the toast but...nope, still not pretty. I guess Som Tam should improve the way they present this dessert seriously. 

The After You Toast at Som Tam Orchard

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