Superheroes Cake Date at DC Comics Superheroes Cafe, Marina Bay Sands

During one of my friend's visit to Singapore, the first thing that she wanted to try is the DC Comics Superheroes Cafe at Marina Bay Sands because her son would love it. And the place is just so convenient from her chosen accommodation, Marina Bay Sands (the ultimate choice for most Indonesians who come to Singapore, somehow). In her defence, she managed to get a good deal for her stay at Marina Bay Sands because she booked it for low-season dates. Hmm, not sure how true it is, I guess we must keep on opening our eyes for such deal.

Back to DC Comics Superheroes Cafe, I've visited the cafe before for the Batman black burger but this time my friend and I wanted to try their cakes and coffee. The themed ones of course. You can see the cake selection over the counter. 

Superheroes Cake Date at Superheroes Cafe, Marina Bay Sands

If you want to buy a unique birthday cake for special someone, you can give them the Superman Fondant Cake. 

Superman Fondant Cake at Superheroes Cafe Marina Bay Sands

I seriously don't understand the hype about rainbow cake because I can't really appreciate the taste. It looks nice and pretty, yes I agree but taste-wise...hmm, all I can taste is sugar and coloring. 

It comes with Superman emblem though so from photography point-of-view, this is one awesome cake to buy. Hahaha. 

Rainbow cake superman at Superheroes Cafe Marina Bay Sands

The coffees, meanwhile, taste better than the rainbow cake. My friend ordered a glass of latte and it comes with Batman sign on top. I wish Batman can take a day off and sip coffee with us here. 

If he's busy, maybe Superman can come in his place, instead? Since my cup of mocha shows a strong support to his signature sign? (But the cookie shows Batman sign, omg, such a betrayal). XD

The price of the food sold at DC Comics Superheroes Cafe is (no-need-to-be-surprised) downright expensive. I suppose we are helping the cafe pay for their rental. Really. On the fun side, the boy enjoys reading the comic on the wall and eating the Batman cookies. XD

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