10D9N Spring Japan Trip: The Beautiful Uji River, Kyoto

When you are deciding on where to stay in Uji, you may consider staying in a hotel which is facing Uji River. The river has a stretch of sakura trees (re: cherry blossom trees) on both sides. When the sakura trees are in full bloom, the scenery will be priceless. We chose to stay in Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan Hotel specifically because it has rooms facing the river. However, we came one week too early from the blooming time of the sakura trees and hence, the view is not like what we were expecting. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: The Beautiful Uji River, Kyoto

Well, I suppose Uji River is still nice to look at even though the sakura trees are not in full bloom yet. It gives out this tranquil and peaceful feeling just by looking at it. 

The peaceful Uji River in Kyoto

There is a bridge nearby our hotel, Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan Hotel, which connects our hotel side to the other side of Uji River. There is a temple located there but other than the temple, there were not many things to see as the other side of Uji River is kinda quiet. 

Bridge on Uji River in Kyoto Japan

The bridge is popular with the tourists for photo-taking as you can take a nice shot of Uji River from here. 

Walking on a bridge in Uji Kyoto Japan

The front side of Uji River which faces the mountainous area of UjiUji River is pretty big. If you are lucky, you can catch a flock of cranes looking for food here. I did not see any when I was here though. 

Beautiful Uji River in Kyoto Japan

The back side of Uji River. Hmm not sure what are kept inside those black plastic bags. I wonder if they are garbage but I don't think Japanese put garbage on the river banks. Oh well. Not really important I guess. =P

Peaceful and beautiful Uji River in Kyoto Japan

The walk alongside Uji River is pretty enjoyable especially when the weather is good. Do give it a try when you are staying or visiting Uji

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