10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Curry & Katsudon Kuromonya, Namba Station

 Namba Station is one huge train station in Osaka as it houses three station buildings for Namba Nankai Station, JR Namba Station and Osaka Municipal Subway Station. Thankfully, we did not get lost in Namba Station at all while on the other hand, we got lost in Shinjuku Station for I don't know how many times, really. In addition, Namba Station also has a lot of restaurants which open until quite late at night. For example, there is a curry & katsudon restaurant called Kuromonya.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Curry & Katsudon Kuromonya, Namba Station

The restaurant looks small and there is only one man handling the kitchen. We were actually pretty confused on how to order as the menu are in Japanese. Thankfully there is a display outside and we were standing there mulling over what to order for a long time. I suppose we really pondered for a long time because the man behind the kitchen ended up coming outside to ask if everything's okay. He ended up taking our order as we pointed out which dish that we wanted to eat. 

Kuromonya Curry Restaurant at Namba Station Japan

He ushered us in and asked us to take a seat while he prepared the dishes. The condiments provided on the table is pretty extensive from pickles, chilli powder to garlic. 

Curry and Katsudon Kuromonya at Namba Station

My order is ready within 15 minutes or so. I ordered pork katsudon and it tastes very good even though this comes from a random restaurant in Namba station. Other than us, we spotted a lot of office workers having their dinner here too. The meal can be considered pretty cheap in Japan standard and I guess that's why a lot of office workers come here for after work meal.

Pork Katsudon at Kuromonya at Namba Station Japan

We wanted to check out some bread at Cookhouse, a bakery located inside Namba Station, before it closes. So we quickly made our way there after finishing our meal at Kuromonya. If you visit Japanese bakery in spring, you will be able to find limited edition flavor such as Green Tea & Cherry Blossom bread. The bread does look pretty delicious. 

Green Tea Cherry Blossom Bread at Namba Station Japan

There are cheesecakes on sale too but I ended up buying the above cherry blossom bread. #victimtomarketinggimmick

Japanese Cheesecake in Osaka Namba Station

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