10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba

After spending some time admiring Rainbow Bridge from the waterfront, we continued our journey to visit another main attraction in Odaiba. Ever since my friend and her family visited Odaiba sometime back in the year 2014, we had been planning to visit this attraction. Thankfully, we could finally managed to do that in 2015. In order to visit this most-raved attraction in Odaiba, you have to make your way to Diver City Tokyo Plaza, a shopping mall designed with a theme of creating a "theatrical city space".

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba

Hello, Gundam! Diver City Tokyo Plaza is home to the world's only full-size Gundam statue. If you visit Odaiba in the evening, Gundam is lit up everyday from 6PM to 11PM. There are performance during both day and night. During the day, Gundam's head will move and mist spray at 12PM, 3PM and 5PM. While at night, there is a performance with wall video at 7.30PM, 8.30PM and 9.30PM.

Gundam Statue at Diver City Tokyo Plaza Odaiba Japan

The long queue that you can spot from afar is the queue to dine at Gundam Cafe. It looks pretty interesting but the queue makes it impossible for us to fulfil this mission today. I guess we had to leave it for another day. There is a Gundam store and take-away counter inside the cafe so you may want to give it a visit anyway even though it looks pretty crowded if you are a Gundam fan. 

Gundam Cafe at Diver City Tokyo Plaza Odaiba

There is a park nearby to Diver City Tokyo Plaza. If you comes to Odaiba in spring, make sure you visit this park because it has a very pretty pink sakura tree. 

Sakura Tree in Odaiba Tokyo Japan

The park has more than one sakura trees but this is the first one that had bloomed. The sakura flowers are exceptionally beautiful compared to those that we have seen so far. 

Spring at Odaiba Japan

Could not get enough of sakura flowers, really. You have to make sure your camera has a lot of memory to capture this beautiful creation of God. XD

Beautiful Sakura Flower at Odaiba Tokyo Japan

A close-up look of sakura flowers.

Close up look at sakura flower in Odaiba Japan

We totally had fun in Odaiba up to the point we did not realise that it is near to dinner time. If you are hungry in Odaiba, you can eat inside Diver City Tokyo Plaza as it has a lot of restaurants. I think it will be nice if you want to spend a night at hotels near to Diver City Tokyo Plaza as there seem to be a lot of fun activities happening in Odaiba at night. Based on what I see at Tripadvisor, Grand Pacific Le Daiba seems to be one of the popular choice amongst the travellers. You may want to give it a look? Tell me if it's really that nice! =P

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