10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Edo Castle and Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

After passing through one of the best hanami spots in Tokyo, the Honmaru area of the Imperial Palace East Gardens, we have finally arrived at the final section of the garden. The crowd is spotted walking toward the structure where Edo Castle was used to be located. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Edo Castle and Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

As the castle is now a mere ruins, it is referred to as the Edo Castle Ruins. It was used as the residence of the shogun and location of the shogunate, and also functioned as the military capital during the Edo period of Japanese history. 

Edo Castle in Honmaru Imperial Palace Japan

From the platform structure, you can see the view of the moat with the row of sakura trees outside the wall of the Imperial Palace. Edo Castle was destroyed by multiple fires over a period of decades. 

The moat of Imperial Palace in Japan  

The path behind Edo Castle Ruins lead to the exit of the Imperial Palace East Gardens

Imperial Palace Garden in Tokyo Japan

Right outside the exit, you will be welcomed by another best sakura spot in Tokyo, Chidorigafuchi street. Yep, I guess you can already figure out where the beautiful sakura trees are located. 

Crossing of Chidorigafuchi Street Tokyo Japan

If I am driving in Tokyo, I would probably drive by Chidorigafuchi street frequently during cherry blossom season. But if everyone is thinking about the same, I wonder if I will be stuck in traffic. Hanami from the car, maybe? XD

Chidorigafuchi Street Tokyo Japan

Chidorigafuchi street provides the best view of blooming sakura from under the street. While you can't really do a picnic under the pedestrian street, but it provides the best dating spot for couples in spring. Imagine holding hands with your beloved under the beautiful sakura flowers. #heartmelts

Cherry Blossom Spot Chidorigafuchi Tokyo Japan

If you would like to do a hanami, you can walk further to Chidorigafuchi Park which is located directly across the moat of the Imperial Palace. We did not much time left though so we gave it a miss. Sad.

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