10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Ginkaku-ji Temple Street, Kyoto

In order to reach Ginkaku-ji Temple, which is also known as the Silver Pavilion, in Kyoto, one need to walk through a long street. I don't know the name of this street nor do I have time to find out about the name because the temple is closing soon. Hereby, I decided to name this street "Ginkaku-ji Temple Street". #anyhow

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Ginkaku-ji Temple Street, Kyoto

If you are a curious traveller and like to make a stop here and there in order to see interesting stuff, you will probably need to allocate more time whenever you are visiting a temple in Japan. Most of the famous temples in Japan (e.g. Fushimi Inari in Kyoto and Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo) have temple street which is filled with food and souvenir shops. The food and the souvenirs that these shops sell are usually so tempting. For instance, how about some oden stuff on a stick, anyone?

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Ginkaku-ji Temple Street, Kyoto

A shop with a cute bunny on its signpost must be visited for sure. #weaktocutethings

Bunny store in Kyoto Japan

A lot of bunnies are sighted in the shop. One cute bunny costs at least 540 JPY though. If you decided to adopt all of them, you will go homeless I think. Hahaha. Okay, I guess that's an overstatement but you got the point.

Bunnies Soft Plush at Kyoto Japan

The shop sells other interesting stuff too like Furoshiki which is actually a mere wrapping cloth. However, the Japanese has a God-given talent in wrapping stuff and hence, probably a lot of tourists were cheated buying this because they thought it is a kimono. Okay, the notice is definitely necessary. 

Furoshiki Souvenir at Kyoto Japan

If you want to see how lucky you are in finding love, you can take one of the reading. Getting a bad luck? No worry, you can tie your bad reading under the red box. Looking at the count of paper tied below there, one can't help but wonder if there are more bad luck than good luck inside this glass box. 

Love Reading at Kyoto Japan

Not interested in food, souvenirs and love reading? It's okay you will enjoy the spring walk anyway because there are so many pretty flowers to see along the road. 

Purple flowers in Kyoto Japan

We needed to rush a bit toward the end of the road in order to reach Ginkaku-ji Temple on time because we totally spent so much time adoring all these stuffs. You have been warned!

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