10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hanami at the East Gardens of Imperial Palace, Tokyo

Coming through the first section of the Imperial Palace East Gardens which is called Sannomaru area, we were now at the second part of this huge garden called Honmaru Area. Honmaru Area is one of the best hanami spots in Tokyo (re: best place to see sakura while having a picnic). No visitors are allowed to consume alcohol here and hence the garden is free from the alcohol smell. Totally the opposite of Yoyogi Park which is reek of alcohol smell.  

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hanami at the East Gardens of Imperial Palace, Tokyo

From apart we could see a striking white sakura tree. The color of the sakura flowers is icy white. The uniqueness of the tree lured people closer toward the tree. Including myself and my travelling buddy, of course.

Honmaru Area of the East Gardens of Imperial Palace Tokyo

We did not regret coming to the Imperial Palace East Gardens because the sakura flowers here are magnificent. The feeling of standing under the gigantic sakura tree is precious.

White Cherry Tree in the East Gardens of Imperial Palace Tokyo

Closer look at the white sakura flowers. 

White cherry flowers in the Imperial Palace Honmaru Area Japan

If you prefer to see the pink sakura trees. You just need to make your way in the opposite direction where visitors are gathered to have a picnic or a nap under the sakura trees. 

Hanami at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo Japan

Awww, I really melt under the sakura trees and filled with this warm fuzzy feeling.

Cherry Blossom Trees and the sky at Imperial Palace Tokyo

There are other plants inside this gigantic Honmaru Area but during spring, the main star of the garden is definitely the cherry blossom trees. 

Sakura hanami at Imperial Palace Tokyo Japan

Bring the picnic mat and the food here and you can enjoy having a picnic under the cherry blossom trees together with the locals. Lovely!

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