10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to go to Gion, Kyoto?

After we had deposited our luggage for safe-keeping at our hotel in Uji, Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan Hotel, we were ready to embark on a journey to Gion, which is also known as Kyoto's famous geisha district. Gion can be reached from Kyoto Station by either taking a bus but it is super confusing for us, tourists, because we don't even know where to wait for the bus and when we need to alight. Thankfully, Gion can also be reached by walking for 15 minutes from Gion-Shijo Station. Once you exited the station, go make your way to the main junction near to Kamogawa River (Google Map comes handy here). Okay, what I remembered...my journey involved crossing towards McD. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: How to go to Gion, Kyoto?

And then we spotted that interesting Italian restaurant on the opposite side of the road while we made our way towards Kamogawa River

Italian Restaurant in Gion Kyoto Japan

Once you have reached this main street, Kamogawa River lies exactly on your right side. 

Walking along Kamogawa River in Kyoto Japan

Konnichiwa, Kamogawa River! It seems to be a favourite place for people to walk along or sit on the river banks for lunch. The weather was pretty good that day and the cool spring breeze makes the weather more comfortable for lunching beside the river. 

Kamogawa River in Kyoto Gion Japan

At the intersection, make your way to the left and you will be welcomed by a sudden crowd. Congratulations for reaching the main shopping street of Gion. Never thought it's gonna be this crowded though. 

Main Shopping Street in Gion Kyoto Japan

Saw a random but interesting vending machine selling premium Haagen Daz ice cream. Most of the flavours I never see before. When you are in Japan, it's time to go crazy on the green tea flavour because they taste the best here. <3

Haagen Daz Premium Ice Cream Vending Machine Gion Kyoto

If you are in Gion only for a short while, you may want to focus your places to visit in Gion to Hamikoji-dori (i.e. the super famous geisha street) and Yasaka Shrine (i.e. another famous temple in Japan). 

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