10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Issen Yoshoku, Gion

When we were wandering around the streets of Gion, we stumbled upon a funny statue. A dog running away from the dog which bite his pants. It's quite cute and funny and hence, we were drawn to it. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Issen Yoshoku, Gion

The statue apparently belongs to a restaurant named Issen Yoshoku which is named after the dish that it sells. Issen Yoshoku (literally translates into "the first Western food") offers a variation of Japanese beloved dish, okonomiyaki. 

Ingredient for Issen Yoshoku in Gion Japan

If you are not sure whether to give it a try or not, you can stand by for a few minutes while watching the chef making Issen Yoshoku. You can see that the okonomiyaki (which kinda looks like Japanese filled omelette) is filled with various ingredients. They look pretty nice from where I was standing, really. Issen Yoshoku is doing pretty good on its marketing department by putting the kitchen in front of the restaurant. LOL.

Making Issen Yoshoku in Gion Kyoto Japan

The doll in the Japanese kimono looks pretty creepy but she welcomes you the Issen Yoshoku so let's just enter and give it a try, shall we. 

Welcome to Issen Yoshoku at Gion Kyoto Japan

Okay, turns out there is one doll allocated to each table to ensure that there is no diner eating alone at Issen Yoshoku. I don't know about you but I find this arrangement somewhat interesting and yet, creepy at the same time. Other than the lady doll in kimono, Issen Yoshoku has other interesting decoration too. 

Dining with a doll at Issen Yoshoku Gion Kyoto Japan

It seems that the wall is filled with wise sayings but they are all in Japanese characters and hence, I can't really read them. It's pretty amusing to look at the drawing though. 

Wall decorations at Issen Yoshoku Gion Japan

Oh right, once you enter and get your table, you just need to tell the waiter/ waitress how many of Issen Yoshoku you'd like to order. Anyway, there is nothing else to order in this restaurant. One Issen Yoshoku costs 630 Japanese Yen which is a good deal considering you are eating in Gion area. Here comes our order.

Issen Yoshoku Japanese Okonomiyaki Gion Kyoto Japan

We deconstructed the Issen Yoshoku and we were pretty amazed looking at various ingredients they put inside the okonomiyaki from chopped scallions, egg, corns, konyaku, and thinly sliced pork. The sauce is leaning on the sweet side just like the sauce that the Japanese use for takoyaki.

Inside Issen Yoshoku at Gion Kyoto Japan

A take out is also available at Issen Yoshoku. Do give it a try when you are visiting Gion. The restaurant is located at the street main street of Gion.

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