10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Japanese Cream Puff at Hanamikoji-dori, Gion

If you are looking for the best place to see Geisha in Gion, you should stroll away to a street called Hanamikoji dori. Rumor says that an evening stroll at Hanamikoji dori will guarantee at least one sighting. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Japanese Cream Puff at Hanamikoji-dori, Gion

We did not really see any though because we came here in a broad daylight right after our okonomiyaki lunch at the nearby Issen Yoshoku. Anyway, Hanamikoji dori is still interesting even without the sighting of any geisha. The establishments located at the right and left side of Hanamikoji dori are still kept in the traditional Japanese housing style. 

Traditional house at Hanamikoji dori Gion Japan

Hanamikoji dori can get pretty crowded with tourists and locals as it is indeed the popular main street in Gion. There are restaurants, entertainment parlours and even lottery office along Hanamikoji dori

Hanamikoji dori in Kyoto Japan

There is this store which sells packaged pickles. They are packed pretty nicely so that the customers can easily pack them in the luggage and bring them back home. Clever marketing really. 

Pickle store in Gion Kyoto Japan

All kind of sweets and candies are also displayed in the next-door store. Kids and adults will love this so much.

Candy store in Gion Kyoto Japan

Nearing to the end of Hanamikoji dori, a small Japanese patisserie store piqued our curiosity (or to be exact, our hungry eyes). It sells Japanese cream puff and it offers a lot of different flavor for the filling from the usual custard to green tea to black sesame. 

Patisserie Store at Hanamikoji dori Gion Japan

As we are in Kyoto, I feel that I should really go with the green tea filling. Voila, let's enjoy the green tea cream puff together. Nom Nom Nom Nom. It tastes pretty good, for your information. 

Green Tea Cream Puff at Gion Kyoto Japan

Make sure to visit Hanamikoji dori when you are in Gion

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