10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Kyoto Station Foodie Paradise

One of the advantages of staying near the major train station in Japan is easy access to the food. We experienced this during our stay in Kyoto as our hotel, Ibis Styles Kyoto Station is located right across the station. There are so many food available under one of the department store nearby (forgot the name though). Here are some of our findings that night:

1. Inarizushi 

Kyoto has so many inarizushi (re: inari sushi) in different taste and color. Inarizushi is very commonly sighted at Japanese bento box. It is a simple and inexpensive type of sushi, in which sushi rice is filled into aburaage (re: deep fried tofu) bags. In spring season, there is sakura inarizushi, which is the pinkish sushi on the right side of the picture.

Inarizushi at Kyoto Station Japan

2. Mixed Sushi Box

Sushi box is obviously sold a lot in everywhere in Japan. The style is pretty similar to those sushi box that we usually get from Cold Storage or Isetan supermarket in Singapore. 

Mixed sushi in Kyoto Station Japan

3. Bento Box

Bento box is definitely what I am going for whenever I visit any supermarket in Japan. The ingredients included inside the bento box can be anything from fish to chicken to beef. The price of one bento box varies from 900-something to 1000-something Japanese Yen. 

Japanese Bento Boxes in Kyoto Station

4. A big sushi roll

If normal sushi is too small for you, you can also get a very big sushi roll which costs 1,344 Japanese Yen each. 

Kyoto Big Sushi Roll

5. Grilled Beef Bento Box

Oh gosh, those slices of beef look good really. A lot of food stall claims that it sells the local specialty of the area. No idea if Kyoto is famous for beef (always thinking about Kobe whenever the word "beef" mentioned). However, the oba-san (re: aunties) behind the counter enthusiastically promoting the wonder of Kyoto's wagyu beef. Since the price seems reasonable (around 1k-ish Japanese Yen), we fell into her promotion activity. LOL.

Kyoto wagyu beef bento box

6. Sponge cakes

There is always sweet stuff in any supermarket in Japan. That night, we saw a lot of sponge cakes somehow. But the size that the store sells...is very huge. They don't allow customer to buy slices. So we skipped this one. It's still interesting to see this unique sponge cake though. 

Japanese sponge cakes

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