10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Kyoto Tower at Night

When the night falls and the sky is completely dark in Kyoto, this is the best time to take a look at Kyoto Tower, an observation tower which is conveniently located right opposite Kyoto Station. However, you should make your way to the entrance/ exit at the other side of the one located opposite of Hotel Ibis Styles Kyoto Station, which is our choice of hotel during our trip in Kyoto. 

JR Kyoto Station in Japan

If you would like to see aerial 360 degrees view of Kyoto city from the top, Kyoto Tower is the best place to go. If you come during the day, you can see the nearby temples. At night, the light view of Kyoto city is not bad too. There is even a hotel nearby called Kyoto Tower Hotel. I did not stay there but a lot of reviews giving good feedback about the hotel online. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Kyoto Tower at Night

Even though the view from up there should be good, we opted to go for a walk at the bustling Kyoto Station instead. There are so many things to see in a big train station such as Kyoto Station and we were so eager to roam around while finding desserts for supper. Hehehe.

Kyoto Station at Night Japan

Right at one of the corner, we spotted one of the famous donut brand in Japan, Mister Donut. I tried their donuts in Taipei before and they are yummy. 

Mister Donut Store at Kyoto Station Japan

The Japanese seem to agree with me as there are not many things left at the display at night time. 

Display at Mister Donut at Kyoto Tower Japan

We quickly bought a few donuts for ourselves to be eaten at our hotel. There is always enough space in our tummy for sweet stuff, it seems. Hehehe. The chocolate donut at the bottom left of below picture is my favourite because of its texture. It's chewy, just like eating mochi in the form of a donut. A donut mochi? A mochi donut? Okay, I'm not very creative at naming, I guess. 

Chocolate Donuts from Mister Donut Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is really such a fun place to wander. Can't wait to explore more sides of this station.

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