10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Last Night in Uji Dinner Feast

Since we had paid so much for a night in Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan back when we stayed in Kyoto, we decided to enjoy it to the max and take our dinner back to the hotel. We bought our dinner in the basement of Isetan at Kyoto Station. There are so many kind of food that we saw at Isetan, we were kinda overwhelmed but decision has to be made anyway so we ended up with to different Japanese meal boxes. Hahaha.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Last Night in Uji Dinner Feast

The first box that we have had wagyu beef (yummy!!!) and tamago inside it. It may not come from Kobe but the wagyu beef is good.

Wagyu Beef Meal Box at Uji Kyoto Japan

The second box looks prettier and it consists of so many things. Taste wise, I prefer the wagyu though. Hahaha. Beef-lover indeed.

Chicken Meal Box at Isetan Japan

We also bought some snacks to go with our meal. This snack from 7-11 is good! 

Pasta crackers from 7-11 in Japan

There are green teas and green tea crackers provided by the hotel in every rooms for the guests to enjoy. 

Complimentary green tea crackers and teas at Hanayashiki Ukifuneen

The best thing about staying in Botan room at Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan is the view that you get from your room. The room is facing the river and the sakura trees. Too bad the sakura trees have not bloomed yet when we came.

The view from inside Botan Room at Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Kyoto Japan

One last shot of Uji River before we left Kyoto for Osaka. 

Uji River in the Morning at Kyoto Japan

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