10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Line Friends Store Harajuku, Shibuya

There are so many things that you can do in Shibuya but there is a particular store that I'd really like to visit there. I've always been a fan of Line, which is a messaging application developed by the Japanese. The characters from Line are so cute and guess what's there in Shibuya? A store dedicated to sell Line's merchandises. Yes, it is the Line Friends store. Aaawww~~~

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Line Store Harajuku, Shibuya

I have visited Line Pop-up store in Singapore before but since it was a pop-up store, you can't just revisit the store whenever you like. However, in Shibuya (to be exact, Harajuku), Line Friends has its fixed store there so I was really happy to come here. And the first thing that I did is obviously taking picture with the main characters from Line Friends. Hehe.

Line Friends Harajuku Store in Shibuya Tokyo

You can find those merchandises which you never see anywhere else before. For example, I have never seen the Brown T-shirt before anywhere else. 

Line Friends Goodies in Shibuya Japan

The Line Friends store in Harajuku has a pretty extensive collection of clothes from t-shirt to pullover and even to socks. If only they have sneakers too, I would probably end up buying them all. Really. 

Inside Line Friends Store in Harajuku Shibuya Japan

There are the plush toys from Line Rangers series. This looks like special edition as I have never seen this anywhere else. I should have gotten one Brown plush toy here. The blue one on the right looks pretty cute.

Line Rangers Plush Toys at Harajuku Shibuya Japan

But the thing is, once I started trying to get Brown, I would end up buying Cony too. And my Japanese Yen was running low at this stage of the trip. Priority priority...

Brown and Cony Plush Toys at Line Store Harajuku Shibuya Japan

I wonder if I should pick a hotel nearer to Shibuya the next time I come to Tokyo. It seems easier for me to do all my shopping when I stay in Shibuya area. That means more damage will be taken by my wallet though. XD

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