10D9N Spring Japan Trip: My First Ramen in Osaka

After enjoying the view at the Floating Garden Observatory many levels above, we were practically starving. Thankfully, there is one level in Umeda Sky Building which is dedicated to a food hall (which in this building translates into a level filled with many restaurants). The food hall is set up in such a way as if we are wandering in the outdoor food street of Japan. 

Food Hall in Umeda Sky Building in Osaka Japan

Police station with dog and bike? Hmm. This view kinda reminded me of a scene from anime or manga. I mean a lot of story involves being summoned to a neighbourhood police station right? XD

Umeda Sky Building Food Hall Osaka Japan

Initially we were thinking of eating okonomiyaki as it is one of the famous food in Osaka (the other one being takoyaki). But the restaurant selling okonomiyaki has already closed their lunch hour (well, we visited the food hall around 2PM-ish) as they are taking a break and they only reopen for dinner time. There is no way we can last that long so we pretty much wandered into whichever restaurant which is not taking a break at 2PM. And this ramen restaurant is the one! 

Ramen restaurant in Umeda Sky Building in Osaka Japan

The price of the ramen is pretty friendly too. You can get a bowl of ramen at less than 700 JPY. The restaurant sells four different type of ramen. The main difference lies in the soup broth. You can choose from either soy sauce, miso, tonkotsu or champon. 

Menu for ramen restaurant in Osaka Japan

My lunch buddy chose tonkotsu based ramen. This is how it looks like. Don't worry, the ramen is down there somewhere hidden under the soup. Haha. I notice that tonkotsu based ramen usually comes with corns. 

Tonkotsu Ramen at Umeda Sky Building in Japan

Meanwhile, I chose the soy sauce ramen which comes with clear soup stock. You can pretty much see all the ingredients of the ramen from nori, fishcake, bamboo shoots and a slice of pork. Both ramen tastes so so but we are not complaining as they are considered pretty cheap for Japan's standard. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: My First Ramen in Osaka

You can consider eating this ramen if you are looking for a cheap food in Umeda Sky Building.

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