10D9N Spring Japan Trip: One Fine Morning at Nakameguro, Tokyo

We actually did not include Nakameguro as part of our itinerary. It was all started with a random Instagram browsing. I fell upon the picture of Meguro river with the beautiful sakura trees. I showed it to my travelling buddy and the rest is history. We purposely visited Nakameguro neighbourhood early in the morning so that we did not have to share the view with so many people. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: One Fine Morning at Nakameguro, Tokyo

There are writings on the pink lampion, I wonder if it is the wish of the people living around Nakameguro

Pink lantern at Nakameguro Japan

We totally did not regret our choice because the view of Meguro river and the sakura trees at both sides of the river is breathtaking. The river is the main attraction of Nakameguro. The high walls at both sides of the river makes it look like a canal from Venetia or something (I've never been to Venetia before though).  

Meguro River at Nakameguro Tokyo Japan

When the sakura trees have mostly bloomed, the view at Nakameguro is just out of the world. I could not believe that Meguro river was totally avoided by Japanese people back in the 1980s as the river is filled with industrial waste. The Government did a great job at clearing the river and now, Nakameguro neighbourhood is a hipster place amongst the young entrepreneurs as there are more and more hip cafes opening up around this area. 

Beautiful Meguro River in Spring Japan

On a closer look, I noticed that the sakura flowers which are blooming at Nakameguro has two tint of colors. The first one is more pinkish like what I expect from sakura flowers.

Pink sakura flowers at Meguro River Japan

While the other type is purely white, just like the sakura tree which I saw at the East Gardens of Imperial Palace the day earlier.

White sakura flowers at Nakameguro Japan

Cute dog is spotted waiting obediently for the master who I guess is busy taking pictures at this wonderful river. Hahaha. 

Cute dog waiting for its master at Nakameguro Japan

How to go to Nakameguro:

You can take the subway to the nearest station to Meguro river, Nakameguro Station. I used Google Map from the exit of the station to find the river. 

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