10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osaka Castle Park

The second city that we visited in Japan after Kyoto was Osaka. Reason being it's located at merely 15 minutes distance by shinkansen (re: high speed rail). Osaka has a pretty good weather when we visited the city in the last week of March. Blue sky, cool breeze, love it! We only had three days and two nights in Osaka and hence, there is not much time to waste. After putting our luggage in our hotel in Osaka, we quickly made our way to the first stop in Osaka, Osaka Castle. In order to reach Osaka Castle, you need to walk for approximately 15 minutes from the nearest train station, Tanimachi 4-chrome station. There is a map right at the exit of the station leading to Osaka Castle. But for easy guidance, first, you must see this traditional-hut-look-alike right after you exit the station.

Outside Tanimachi 4-Chrome Station at Osaka Japan

Walk past it and you will see this building. Walk around it to reach the main intersection right behind the building. 

Office building in Osaka Japan

From the intersection you will be able to see Osaka Castle Park and Kyu-Yudo River. Osaka Castle ground is located right at opposite Osaka Castle Park. There is a bridge connecting Osaka Castle Park and Osaka Castle compound on which the visitors can walk across. 

River outside Osaka Castle in Japan

But in order to reach the bridge, one must walk through the park. Not that we mind though because Osaka Castle Park is one of the most popular cherry blossom spots in Japan. The best time to view cherry blossom in full bloom in Osaka will be the beginning of April. We came one week earlier and hence, most of the cherry blossom have not bloomed yet. #cry

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osaka Castle Park

Thankfully, there are a few early bloomers here and there. We can still go crazy taking pictures here. 

Osaka Castle Park Cherry Blossom Trees

We really went crazy for approximately one hour I think. When we looked back at our travelling pictures, most of the pictures featured this beautiful pink flowers. Aww..

Blooming Cherry Blossom at Osaka Castle Park Japan

Close-up shot of blooming cherry blossom. =)

Early bloomer of sakura at Osaka Castle Park Japan

After I went back to Singapore and googling Osaka Castle Park randomly, I found out that there are three types of "blossoms" growing in the park. They are plum blossom, peach blossom and cherry blossom. I could not really differentiate them but I'm pretty sure all of them look lovely. Do note that Osaka Castle is closed after 5PM, so you better don't get carried away with all the cherry blossoms. Not that I blame you. Hahaha.

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