10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osaka Castle

If you are into Japanese castles, you must not miss out Osaka Castle as one of your places to visit in your itinerary. One glance at the direction of Osaka Castle and you will think why the moat is so deep and the castle walls like so thick. 

Osaka Castle Walls and Moat Japan

It is no wonder that Osaka Castle was constructed in a way that it would be very challenging to break into the castle. Osaka Castle has been the centre of feud wars between feudal lords and warlords in Japanese medieval area. A lot of blood had been shed within and outside the castle compound historically. Hmm, I wonder if this castle is haunted. XD 

Osaka Castle Plain Map Japan

Thankfully, Japan is now a peaceful country and we can see more and more unique statue in the area surrounding Osaka Castle. For instance, they even have a time capsule kept outside Osaka Castle.

Monument of Time Capsule from Expo 70 Osaka

The time capsule was built in the 1970s and they kept certain things belonging to that period inside the capsule. The real time capsule was buried 15 metres beneath the monument and it is due for re-opening 5,000 years later. Hmm that's still pretty much a long way to go, I guess. 

Burial of Time Capsule near Osaka Castle Japan

If you would like to enter Osaka Castle, there is an admission fee of 600 JPY. I did not enter the castle but the main tower of Osaka Castle is now serving as a museum which houses a collection of approximately 10,000 historical materials, including artifacts from the feudal-war-torn era of Japan. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Osaka Castle

If you would like to know more history about the man who built the castle, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, you can see the diorama on the 7th floor which contains 19 scenes from the life of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Osaka Castle in Japan

Otherwise, you can proceed to the top floor for the observation deck, from where you can see the panoramic view of Osaka

Observation deck at Osaka Castle in Japan

Do note that Osaka Castle is closed at 5PM daily. 

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