10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Pablo, Shinsaibashi

Whenever you visit Osaka in Japan, you must not miss out Shinsaibashi. There are so many things to do in Shinsaibashi including visiting the nearby famous food street called Dotonbori. Shinsaibashi is the largest shopping area in Osaka. The "Shinsaibashi Shopping Street" which runs east to Mido-suji avenue has been established shopping area since Edo period. 

Shinsaibashi Shopping Area in Osaka Japan

If you are a shopaholic, you will go crazy in Shinsaibashi because no matter where you look, there are shops everywhere. My favourite shop in Shinsaibashi is the accessories shop which sells cute earrings. The Japanese has a lot of clip-on earrings which does not require the user to go for an ear lobes piercing. So if you don't have ear lobes holes but want to wear earrings, you should stock up here. 

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street in Osaka Japan

My friend was kinda dragging me away from the store after I spent so much time choosing earrings. The reason is because she has been dying to try cheese tarts from Pablo which is loved by the Japanese. There are two branches of Pablo in Shinsaibashi. While the one located right at the center of Shinsaibashi Shopping Street is nearer, you should go for the one located nearer to Dotonbori because the cake shop is bigger and there are more seats available for customers to dine in.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Pablo, Shinsaibashi

The cheese tarts that Pablo sells is the gooey and fluffy type. Why the cheese tarts are gooey? Simple, Pablo sells its cheese tarts raw. Yes, you heard it right, RAW. The tarts dough is cooked though, basically it's the cheese filling which is raw. If you are not into a raw cheese tart, you can still opt for the cooked version (I am starting to wonder if we are eating steak because it's so similar...if you get what I mean).

Cheese Tarts at Pablo in Osaka Japan

The seating place is located at level 2 of the restaurant. We visited Pablo around 5PM on a weekday and there were many seats available. The cake shop gets pretty crowded around 6-ish though. 

Pablo Shinsaibashi Osaka

Pablo sells a lot of goodies which you can bring back as souvenirs from Japan just like this cookie. The cheese sable biscuits on the far right side taste good. 

Pablo Cheese Sable Biscuits in Osaka

This is how the famous cheese tart from Pablo looks like. It is usually served together with honey and vanilla ice cream. I don't know about you but I find the raw cheese tart is too...gooey for my liking. I suppose I am the type of person who like her cheese tarts firm. LOL.

Pablo Cheese Tart in Shinsaibashi Osaka

Other than cheese tarts, Pablo sells cheesecake too. The crust on the top of the cheesecake is actually salted caramel. I prefer the cheesecake to the famous cheese tarts, am I weird? Hahaha.

Pablo Salted Caramel Cheese Cake in Osaka

If you do not include Osaka in your itinerary, you can also visit Pablo at Shibuya in Tokyo as the cake shop has opened another branch there due to its popularity in Osaka.

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