10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Patisserie Marion Crepes, Tokyo Tower

We were getting hungry after viewing Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower observation deck. However, the One Piece themed restaurant at level 1 has a super long queue even when the lunch time has passed. Oh my gawd, I guess the world is not joking when a lot of news mention about the Japanese perseverance in queueing. Starving, we walked outside Tokyo Tower to see what we could find. The nearest food that we could find is Patisserie Marion Crepes which has a stall right a few metres after the entrance/exit of Tokyo Tower

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Patisserie Marion Crepes, Tokyo Tower

Patisserie Marion Crepes was originated in Harajuku in the year 1976. The business has been thriving and it now has a number of stalls all around Japan (and even in Seoul, I heard) including at Tokyo TowerPatisserie Marion Crepes sells two kind of crepes: sweet and savoury. 

Sweet and savoury crepes at Patisserie Marion Crepes Tokyo

If you want to know what kind of crepes that Patisserie Marion Crepes has, you just need to make your way to the display and see for yourself. 

Crepes display at Patisserie Marion Crepes Tokyo Tower

The menu is pretty extensive and we spent quite a while to decide what to order. Everything on the display looks pretty tasty to me, especially when my stomach is grumbling.

Savory crepes at Patisserie Marion Crepes Tokyo Tower

My travelling buddy decided for a savoury crepe, which I can tell what are the toppings inside from the outside appearance of the crepe.

Tuna Crepes Marion Crepes Tokyo Tower

Oh, turned out she ordered Tuna Crepes. Looks pretty plain to me. Hahaha. Taste wise, it's quite good though. 

Tuna Crepes at Patisserie Marion Crepes Tokyo Tower

I, on the other hand, decided to go for the happening sweet crepes. There are so many toppings inside my crepe and yes, I am surprised I did not get an overdose of sweetness from a cheesecake, a cracker, ice cream, strawberry (half piece only), and a lot of whipped cream. It taste quite filling (probably due to the cheesecake). 

Cheesecake Sweet Crepes at Marion Crepes Tokyo Tower

Now, I have enough energy to walk to the nearest restaurant to have my proper lunch in Tokyo. LOL.

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