10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

During the planning stage of our Spring Japan Trip, my friend suggested that we visit a place called Philosopher's Path as it is located pretty near to Ginkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto. Both Philosopher's Path and Ginkaku-ji Temple are reachable by taking a city bus from Gion. You just need to go to the main street and look for this bus stop. 

Bus stop for city bus at Gion Kyoto Japan

If you are confused, you can look at the building opposite the bus stop as the building is pretty distinct, I have to say. It looks like the Japanese traditional opera house. Hahaha.

Traditional opera house at Gion Kyoto Japan

You will be able to see the sign "City Bus" which is put up at the bus stop. We took bus no. 201 to go to both Philosopher's Path and Ginkaku-ji Temple The journey lasts pretty long around 30 to 40 minutes I think, if there is no traffic. 

City Bus from Gion to Ginkakuji Temple Kyoto Japan

Once you are ready to alight, you can press this button so that the bus driver knows when he needs to make a stop. The convenient thing about riding the city bus to popular place like Ginkaku-ji Temple, a lot of other tourists will be alighting at the same stop with you and hence, you don't have to worry about missing your stop. 

Inside city bus in Kyoto Japan

Right after you have alighted from the bus, you will see this sign and congratulations for alighting at the right stop. Tetsugaku no michi is the Japanese name for Philosopher's Path

Tetsugaku no michi Philosopher's Path Kyoto Japan

There is this yellow flowers right beside the wood sign but we are pretty sure sakura does not come in yellow...yet. Nothing is impossible nowadays. 

Flowers in Philosopher's Path Kyoto Japan

Uhm, this is not what we really expect when we plan about coming to Philosopher's Path. As what I said in my previous posts, we came to Kyoto one week too early from the blossom date of the sakura flowers. Such a pity. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

If you come to Kyoto when the sakura flowers are in full bloom, it is a must to go to Philosopher's Path because the path will look like this. Like a scene from the movie right? 

Cherry Blossom Watching at Philosopher's Path Kyoto Japan

Oh well, better luck for us next time. If we ever come back to Kyoto in spring, that is. =P

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