10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Sakura Season at Ueno Park, Tokyo

As part of our "sakura journey" trip, we included Ueno Park inside our itinerary. It turns out that Ueno Park is a popular place to have a hanami (i.e. picnic under the cherry blossom tree) and the area is swarmed with people on Saturday morning. This is the view right outside Ueno Station. Well, I guess we did not have to worry on how to get to Ueno Park. 

Ueno Station during Spring

During the early stage of our planning, we noticed that there are quite a number of hotels with reasonable prices near Ueno Park. We ended up choosing hotel in Shinjuku for our accommodation in Tokyo,but, if you don't mind staying near to Ueno (which means near to Akihabara and Tokyo Skytree), you can probably choose one of the hotels nearby.

Entrance of Ueno Park in Tokyo Japan

Right outside the park, there is a big white sakura tree. Since I managed to find a good spot under the tree, I just took my shot here before it got too crowded to stand. Hahaha.

White sakura tree at Ueno Park Japan

Ueno Park is really beautiful during spring and it is no surprise that the park is completely packed by people. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Sakura Season at Ueno Park, Tokyo

There are a lot of variety for the cherry blossom trees in Ueno Park. It has the white color sakura as well. 

White Sakura Tree in Ueno Tokyo Japan

And the slightly pink sakura too.

Sakura Flower in Ueno Park Japan

If you want to secure a good spot under the row of cherry blossom trees, you must chop the spot. The Japanese loves hanami so much they can really do anything under the tree. Eating with your friend or family or simply nap under the tree. Although I highly suspect that those people who nap under the tree is guarding the place while waiting for their friends/ families to arrive with the food. Hahaha.

Hanami at Ueno Park Tokyo Japan

Toward the other end of the row of cherry blossom trees, we spotted a mixture of pink and yellow color tree. Not sure what kind of trees they are but they look pretty nonetheless. 

Pink and yellow trees at Ueno Park Tokyo Japan

There is no admission fee to enter Ueno Park. If you'd like to, you can visit the temples which are located around Ueno Park. For example, there are Kaneiji Temple, Kiyomizu Kannon Temple and 
Bentendo. There are museums nearby too such as Tokyo National Museum and National Science Museum. 

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