10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Snack Hunt at Family Mart, JR Kyoto Station

You have probably seen and walked into convenience store in the country where you live before. But if you visit any city in Japan, you MUST go visit their convenience store. Every city in Japan sells different food products in their convenience stores. When we were wandering around in JR Kyoto Station, we saw a Family Mart there and being a curious traveller, I must go into this Family Mart and see their goods. For a start, they have Kyoto beers. I wonder if they have Tokyo beers too.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Snack Hunt at Family Mart, JR Kyoto Station

Onigiris are plentiful here. Like a lot. And I don't understand a single word on it. Apparently if you don't know any Japanese characters, you have to play a guess-and-just-go-for-it game for onigiri. Hahaha.

Onigiri at Family Mart at Kyoto Station Japan

Cute round sushi. This one is easier to guess and you can roughly tell the inside of the sushi. The yellow one is actually made from brown rice and there is cheese on top of it. Looks yummy but not sure if it's supposed to be heated up prior to eating. 

Sushi at Family Mart JR Kyoto Station

It seems that the maki from Family Mart is quite popular as there are not many left on the shelf at night time. 

Maki at Family Mart JR Kyoto Station

Moving on to the milk department. I find that most of Japanese people prefer plain milk. Because there are more plain milk in sight compared to the flavoured one. 

Milk at Family Mart in Kyoto Station Japan

My most interesting finding for the night has to be this KFC chips from Calbee. I've never seen this in other country before. Growing up addicted to chicken skin from KFC, of course I have to buy this. 

KFC Chips at Family Mart Kyoto Station

Do you like visiting convenience store in Japan? What is your favorite convenience store?

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