10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Souvenirs from Gion, Kyoto

Whenever you are travelling no matter where you go, chances are people at home are waiting for your return and your omiyage (re: souvenirs from brought home from a trip). Good thing if you are travelling to Japan because Japan is a country which embraces the culture of omiyage. This translates into a superb packaging of omiyage in whichever omiyage stores that you visit in Japan. Most of these stores even provide additional services like wrapping. Gion is of course, not exempted from this culture. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Souvenirs from Gion, Kyoto

Being one of the popular district in Kyoto, omiyage stores in Gion sells all kind of omiyage you've ever imagined and all of them are wrapped in cute design. I nearly buy all of them, really. Prawn crackers shaped in sakura flowers, anyone? 

Cute sakura flower shaped crackers at Gion Kyoto

How about cute candies for your daughters back at home? 

Candy box as souvenirs from Gion Kyoto

More and more crackers in all kind of flavours with different kind of ingredients. Oh my gosh, I am such a weakling for crackers. Oh, the stores also provide samples so you can sample them as much as you want (without being too obvious if you merely sample without buying, of course).

Japanese Crackers sold in Gion Kyoto Japan

These crackers are my favourite both in packaging, shape, color and taste. 

Japanese Cute Crackers at Gion Kyoto

A colleague of my travelling buddy asked her to buy...guess what, pickles! Japanese pickles are not ordinary pickles. For instance, they come in pretty color without the use of bad coloring (hard to believe I know). 

Pickles as souvenirs in Gion Kyoto Japan

They come in different color (and smell) too. The purple ones are best to be consumed together with rice and you may have seen them before served for free as condiment in Japanese restaurant in your country. 

Colorful Japanese pickles in Gion Kyoto

I am no expert in pickles world and hence, I left the decision to buy pickles to my friend. Hahaha. I'd rather spend my time in tasting the crackers, really, no matter how good the pickles from Gion may be. =P

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