10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Tokyo Tower Observatory

After wandering for a while in Zojoji Temple, we had finally reached Tokyo Tower and immediately welcomed by the pink beings which looks like they come from outer space. The cute pink beings are actually the mascots of Tokyo Tower and they come in pair, boy and girl. Ah, okay, points noted. Hahaha.

Tokyo Tower was built as a communication and observation tower in Shiba-koen district of Minato in Tokyo. However, due to the advancement of technology, Tokyo Tower is not high enough to support the latest Japanese broadcast technology and hence, the construction of Tokyo Skytree, which is currently the tallest tower in Japan.  

Notwithstanding the fact above, Tokyo Tower is still a popular landmarks for tourists to visit. The addition of Tokyo One Piece Tower (re: One Piece indoor themed park) last year has even boosted the popularity of Tokyo Tower. There are different criteria for admission fees as reflected on the signboard toward the main entrance of Tokyo Tower. We bought ticket for both Tokyo One Piece Tower and the observation deck and the price kinda shocked us because well, 3,900 JPY is definitely not cheap! Oh well, nothing comes cheap these days so we should just enjoy the experience while closing eyes to the price-tag. LOL. 

We made our way to the level 50 where the observation deck is located. The view of Tokyo from the observation deck is superb especially on a clear blue sky kind of day. 

Compared to the Floating Garden Observatory at Umeda Sky Building, I prefer the view from Tokyo Tower Observatory as there are so many interesting landmarks to see in Tokyo. For instance, the neighbouring Zojoji Temple can be wholly seen from the top. I didn't think the temple ground is so big. 

Another good thing about Tokyo Tower Observatory is there are signs and directions displayed at the top to let visitors know where to look and what interesting landmark is located at that direction where you are looking at. Okay, let's find out where Odaiba is. 

Found you, OdaibaOdaiba is basically a city built on water and you just to see where is the ocean is located and there is the famous Rainbow Bridge near to Odaiba which you can easily spot at the right side of this picture below. This is fun!

If you are not scared of height, there is a section which has glass floor at Tokyo Tower observatory. The section allows visitors to take a look at the magnificent structure of Tokyo Tower from above. I don't recommend looking below if you are terrified of heights. 

Tokyo Tower Observatory opens daily from 9AM to 11PM. Do note that the last entry to Tokyo Tower Observatory is at 10.30PM.

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