10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Uji Food Street, Kyoto

I love eating. I love street food. Food street is my food haven. If you are sharing the same interest, you will like the town of Uji because it also has its own food street. The food street starts when you see a black torii at the entrance of the food street. It is located at the street opposite of Ujibashi Bridge.

Uji Main Street Kyoto Japan

At both your left and right side, you will see shops selling food, drink and local products. Tourists are spotted as early as 10AM in the morning. Business in Uji starts pretty early, I guess. This is good news for us as we can go through the road with our luggages in tow (as we are still on our way to our accommodation in Uji, Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan Hotel) while checking out what Uji has to offer in terms of food.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Uji Food Street, Kyoto

Uji is famous in its local production of green teas. The green teas sold here has certain quality which cannot be found anywhere else. Most products sold in Uji definitely have green tea flavour. This store here sells green tea leaves (in different kinds). If you'd rather drink the tea straight away, you can also order one cup of iced green tea at 50 JPY. It tastes pretty refreshing. 

Green Tea Stores in Uji Kyoto Japan

This particular ice cream store attracted us because there is a queue in front of the store. Judging from the ice cream statue, we guessed that the store specialises in green tea ice cream. 

Green Tea Ice Cream Store in Uji Kyoto

We ordered the green tea ice cream which has the texture like soft served ice cream. However there is an additional touch to this cone of ice cream. Green tea powder is added on top of the ice cream. At the price of 300 JPY, this ice cream tastes superb. A must try if you are visiting Uji

Green Tea Ice Cream Cone in Uji Kyoto

Other than ice cream, the store also sells green tea powder and green tea leaves. Green tea lover rejoices! 

Green Tea Leaves Store in Uji Kyoto

Fyi, the store next door sells green tea soba. I found it pretty interesting but we really have to continue our walk to our hotel, Hanayashiki Ukifuneen Ryokan Hotel, if we did not want to stuck with our luggages for ages. =P

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