10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

Everything can be a tourist object in Japan and this rule does apply to office building too. And because of that, our itinerary for the day in Osaka includes a visit to a spectacular high rise building in Kita district of Osaka named Umeda Sky Building. In order to go to Umeda Sky Building, we have to take the train from Shin-Osaka station (because our hotel, Shin-Osaka Washington Plaza, is located near there) to Umeda station. We were so excited when we see the woman only area in the train and we quickly make use of this "privilege" inside the train. I wonder what will they do if a man is daring enough so sit inside this women-only cabin. 

Japan Women Only Area Train Cabin

Right outside Umeda station, we saw a big building called Yodobashi Umeda. If you are looking for camera, Yodobashi Umeda is the right place to be because it has all kind of brands which are famous for camera. There are some well-known eateries located inside Yodobashi Umeda too like Hawaiian Pancake Factory (which some refer to as pancake heaven in Yodobashi) and Tsuruhashi Fugetsu for some yummy okonomiyaki.

Yodobashi Umeda in Osaka Japan

We totally did not think that we need to walk quite a distance to reach Umeda Sky Building. We had probably walked for nearly 20 minutes before we finally stood underneath Umeda Sky Building. The building has pretty amazing architecture. It looks like the building is blending with the blue sky and white clouds. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

The area around the hole up there is where the famous Floating Garden is located. You would have to go inside Umeda Sky Building and make your way up to level 

Underneath Umeda Sky Building in Osaka Japan

An admission fee of 700 JPY is required for the access to Floating Garden Observatory. If you are scared of height, this is probably the moment where you may want to look up. 

Admission Ticket for Floating Garden Observatory at Umeda Sky Building

Because the escalator leading to the Floating Garden Observatory is pretty high. And steep. From my friend's experience, this is like the worst moment of her life. Oh, this and cable car ride I suppose. 

Escalator toward Floating Garden Observatory Umeda Sky Building Osaka

But the view of the Floating Garden Observatory is amazing. So if your travelling companion is having a second thought about coming up here, you can encourage him or her by showing what lies above. Hahaha. 

Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka Japan

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