10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Uzumasa's Family Mart

During our stay in Kyoto, we saw a lot of Japanese convenience stores everywhere from the Kyoto Station to right outside Uzumasa Station. From the manga that I read and anime that I watch, a lot of Japanese people are actually living from the food sold at these convenience stores. Curious about what the real convenience store sells in Japan, we proceeded to enter Family Mart to have our lunch before continuing our walk to Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Uzumasa's Family Mart

My first impression, Family Mart has a pretty good selection of drinks. It even has limited edition Starbucks sakura latte. Since it is very difficult to get a seat at Starbucks in Japan, I guess there is a market for a quick-take-away Starbucks drinks from the convenience stores.

Starbucks Sakura Latte at Family Mart

There are a lot of iced coffee and yoghurt drinks spotted on the drink shelf. Most of the drinks sold here have straw attached to them. Not like in Singapore where most of the drinks are not attached with the straw, with the exception of Yakult I guess (which originated from Japan). 

Japanese Coffee Drinks at Convenience Store

I've had my coffee that morning so for lunch, I chose the blueberry yoghurt drink because it looks good. My friend chose the strawberry one. Both are located at the bottom left of the picture below. If you see closer, the straw may look pretty short but the length of the straw can be extended once you have opened the plastic wrapper. Cool~~

Japanese Yoghurt Drinks at Family Mart

Food wise, there are not much selection as the Family Mart which we visited right in front of Uzumasa Train Station is not that big to begin with. I ended up grabbing one of the onigiri (re: triangle shaped rice). I totally don't know the filling of the onigiri that I picked to be honest with you.

Japanese Onigiri in Family Mart Kyoto

It looks kinda like roe (re: salmon eggs). Well, taste wise, the onigiri tastes rather salty but I suppose that's how they are supposed to taste? 

Salmon Roe Onigiri at Family Mart in Kyoto

The experience of eating food bought from convenience store is pretty interesting to me. I can't wait to try other stuff from the Japanese convenience stores.

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