10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Wandering Uji, Kyoto

When I did my research about Kyoto, I stumbled upon Uji tourism and best things to do in Uji. I have never heard the name Uji before but apparently there are so many things that you can do in Uji. Hence, we added one day to our Kyoto trip to include a trip to Uji. With the Japanese train network, you can reach JR Uji Station by train. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Wandering Uji, Kyoto

We have booked one night stay at a Japanese style ryokan (re: traditional house) called Hanayashiki Ukifuneen. The hotel is located approximately 15 minutes walking from JR Uji Station (if you are not stopping at all). We were pretty much in dilemma of whether to take cab or just walk there because taking cab in Japan costs quite expensive. However, if we decided to go on foot, we did not really know where to walk even though we had Google Map (it shows you the fastest way but not really the most convenient way). In times of doubt, a visit to Tourist Information Center is what you are supposed to do. Thankfully, the information center is located right outside the exit of JR Uji Station. 

Tourist information center in Uji Kyoto

After getting direction (and assurance from the travel advisor that the distance is indeed walkable), we embarked on our journey from JR Uji Station to Hanayashiki Ukifuneen hotel with our luggage in tow. We arrived roughly around 10 in the morning and the small town of Uji is pretty much still not crowded yet. 

The roads in Uji Kyoto

There are so many things to see and adore while you are wandering in a new place. First we made a stop to adore and take picture of the beautiful flower at the road side. 

Flowers in Uji Kyoto

Then we made a stop again near the Popcorn cart because it sells green tea popcorn. Oh wow. Too bad the seller is not anywhere in sight yet. #boo

Green Tea Popcorn in Uji Kyoto

Our walking route to Hanayashiki Ukifuneen involves walking alongside the Uji River. We made a stop to see the view of Uji from the side of the river. The bridge connecting the two sides of Uji is named Ujibashi Bridge. The unique design of Ujibashi Bridge has been featured in so many poems, novels and paintings of Japanese culture. 

Ujibashi Bridge in Uji Kyoto

Near to Ujibashi Bridge, there is a statue of Lady Murashaki Shikibu. She was a Japanese novelist, poet and lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court during the Heian period. It was not easy for woman to excel in literature during those times so Lady Murashaki Shikibu is really an awesome lady. 

Statue of Lady Murashaki Shikibu in Uji Town Japan

I don't think this whole journey-to-the-hotel can be done in 15 minutes if we keep making a stop to explore and taking pictures. But, we just could not resist. Hahaha.

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