Second Visit to Angelina, Capitol Piazza

Just had a small talk with a friend and he was busy talking about finding his own passion...bla bla bla. I am more of just-do-it-as-long-as-it-pays kind of girl and hence, talking about passion is kinda boring me out. In the first place, does everyone manage to work in a line they have passion with? If this is true, I will be screwed because my passion in life is well...enjoying it. Via travelling, shopping and good food. If I busy chasing my passion, I will end up broke. Hahaha.

Talking about my third passion (re: good food), I am lucky enough to have several friends who share the same passion (not that difficult to find people who loves good food though). One of my friends has never tried Angelina at Capitol Piazza before and begged me to accompany her there. Oh well, since my first visit to Angelina was purely dedicated to its desserts, I agreed to accompany her on a note that I would try Angelina's main course this time.

Nothing's in Angelina comes cheap and this includes the main course. Thankfully I've done my research and the chicken roulade which I ordered taste pretty good. It's also plated beautifully with a touch of purple flower. Size-wise, it's just nice to fill in a tummy of a young lady in her late twenties. Not sure if this can feed a guy's tummy though. Probably can since guys nowadays don't eat much. 

Second Visit to Angelina, Capitol Piazza

My friend insisted to have desserts at Angelina. I did not blame her since Angelina is famous for its desserts in Paris. The thing is, Angelina's cakes are really overpriced. While it tastes not bad, it does not give me out-of-the-world-and-hence-the-pricetag-is-justified taste. 

Tarte tout chocolat at Angelina Capitol Piazza

The Tarte tout chocolat fares way better than Angelina's main star, Le Mont-Blanc, which tastes very sweet. Too sweet for my taste. The next time I came to Angelina (if that ever happens), I will probably stick to the cocoa drink and the main course. 

Desserts at Angelina Capitol Piazza Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore and staying in one of the hotels around City Hall area, you can try Angelina at the nearby Capitol Piazza (located opposite Raffles City). It opens until 10PM everyday. 

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