10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Adventure Starts at Tokyo One Piece Tower

I had been to theme parks which adopted One Piece's theme in Taiwan before but the first One Piece theme park in Japan was actually established not so long time ago. Tokyo One Piece Tower just opened its way last year at the same time One Piece celebrated its 15th year anniversary. Sweet, right? 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Adventure Starts at Tokyo One Piece Tower

The theme park occupies level 3 to level 5 of Tokyo Tower. We bought our ticket at level 1 but you can also buy your ticket at level 3, right at the entrance of Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Tokyo One Piece Tower Entrance

There is a combined ticket which you can buy at the price of 3,900 Japanese Yen (yes, it is not cheap). The combined ticket basically allows you an access to Tokyo One Piece Tower and the observation deck of Tokyo Tower. 

Tokyo One PIece Tower Ticket Japan

Don't forget to take your guide map. I did not really usually use my guide map though since I collected them as souvenir. Hahaha.

Guide Map of Tokyo One Piece Tower Japan

When you enter the theme park, you will be immediately welcomed with a familiar scene from the manga. This is one of my favourite moments from One Piece saga. 

Tokyo One PIece Tower Comic Strip Japan

Let's board the Thousand Sunny together and join the Straw Hat Pirates crew to become the Pirate King, shall we?

Thousand Sunny One Piece at Tokyo Tower Japan

I wonder if we are going to have a smooth sailing journey ahead. Hehehe. 

Tokyo One Piece Tower Caricature Japan

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