10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Amity Village, Universal Studios Japan

After enjoying a ride with a group of Japanese school boys and Spiderman, we have finally arrived at Amity Village. The cloudy sky and the pine trees somehow makes the atmosphere in Amity Village somewhat...sombre. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Amity Village, Universal Studios Japan

But don't let the atmosphere up there fool you, the crowd is going as strong as ever and they seem to be pretty determined walking toward a certain goal...oh wow, that hat is just...so Japanese. Hahaha.

Jaws Hat at USJ

All of them seem to be walking toward the legendary ferocious shark which has inspired the classic Hollywood movie, Jaws. You can take picture while acting like you are gonna get swallowed up in the giant mount of Jaws. 

Jaws Photo Station at USJ

When we arrived near to the ride, this is the condition of the queue. Oh my gawd. Thankfully Jaws is a boat ride and one boat can cater to quite a lot of people, I guess. 

The queue for Jaws ride in USJ

With that guess in mind, we decided to just brave the crowd and join the queue. 

Jaws Ride at Amity Village in USJ

Thankfully, the queue moved up pretty fast (definitely faster than the queue for any rides at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, really). One guide will be stationed for each boat. The setting of Jaws ride is all of us are tourists who visit the peaceful Amity Harbour. The guide is really fun to look at as she is so expressive even though whatever she says is scripted. Hahaha.

Boat ride in Jaws USJ

Your boat will have some kind of "technical difficulty" here after being struck by something under the water. And before you know it, the fun part will happen and I will not spoil it to you. You just have to ride it. 

Jaws Ride at USJ Japan

After the ride, as usual, you will need to follow the exit path which leads to souvenir store. That's a cute Jaws packaging really. I mean, who ever think Jaws can be made into a cute packaging? Hahaha. 

Cute Jaws Souvenir at USJ

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