10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Attack on Titan, Universal Studios Japan

You are not an anime lover unless you have watched (or at least tried to watch or heard about) Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). I actually knew about the anime first before I realised that the anime is actually a manga adaptation. The anime's story so far follows the storyline in the manga without any deviation so I don't think I will watch the manga for now. If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, you must go to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Attack on Titan, Universal Studios Japan

Last year, you can see the epic battle between Eren (in Titan version) and 
the woman titan (which turns out to be his fellow training-mate, Annie). Oops, I hope everyone's reading this has watched the anime or read the manga before because this is the biggest surprise in the first season of Attack on Titan anime. XD

Attack on Titan at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

Frontal shot but cropping both Eren's and Annie's legs. Yeah, this is how huge they are in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Oh well, they are titan so they must be huge right? 

Epic battle of Eren vs Annie at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

If you are willing to queue (yes, queue!), you can take picture with the Corps. From one glance, I think there is Mikasa, Levi, Hange and Krista. It looks really fun. This is the only place where you can take picture with the Corps anyway. 

Picture taking at Attack on Titan Universal Studios Japan Osaka

Another long queue (everything in USJ revolves around queueing, really) spotted for the chance to take picture with the...hungry titan. Well, they don't really need human flesh to fill their appetite actually. They eat because they are bored (wtf, right?). I have to say this is pretty cool and yet somewhat creepy way to take picture. #dilemma 

Attack on Titan Phototaking at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

From USJ's website, it seems that they have added another installation from the famous anime and manga in Universal Studios Japan. It is the epic "Titan Wall" in life-sized. I don't think I can't help feeling a bit creeped out when I see the gaze of the Titan peering from the broken wall, but at the same time, I feel like looking at it too. LOL.

If you still have your appetite after all these "fun", you can eat a Titan as your snack. It costs 950 Japanese Yen per head. 

Attack on Titan Snack at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

You can also buy the cape of the Survey Corps here. I nearly nearly nearly bought the cape until my friend reminded me that "nobody wears that on a broad daylight (and night) in Singapore". Haizz, I wish our culture can be more opened on applying some "anime fashion" into our daily fashion. =P

Official store of Attack on Titan in Universal Studios Japan

The store sells a lot of Attack on Titan merchandises which I seldom see anywhere so I guess if you want to buy some goods relating to this anime, you should buy them here.

Attack on Titan merchandises at Universal Studios Japan Osaka

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