10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Cheese Garden, Tokyo Skytree

Cheese Garden is a very popular restaurant originated from Nasu area. It offers a wide variety of cheesecakes which is one of the souvenir that makes Nasu famous. The problem is I don't even know where Nasu is so it is indeed a good news that Cheese Garden has opened a restaurant inside Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Cheese Garden, Tokyo Skytree

The restaurant was pretty busy even though we came at an odd timing (around 2.30 to 3PM-ish). The main star of the menu served in Cheese Garden is well, cheese. Cheese does not have to be boring though. After all, you can make cheese into food, dessert, snack, pizza and fondue. 

Cheese Garden Tokyo Skytree Menu Japan

The most popular item in Cheese Garden is the cheesecake platter. It consists of a combination of 4 cheesecakes and the accompanying cream cheese served beautifully on one plate. You can see the price of each type of whole cheesecake. They are in Japanese though so I don't really know which one is which. The top left one costs much higher than the rest though. 

Cheesecake Tasting Platter at Cheese Garden Tokyo Skytree

Here come the cheese platters. The different cheese cakes taste lighter than the usual New York cheesecake which I tasted before (well, from Starbucks, not from the famous Cheesecake Factory unfortunately). As the taste is lighter, the whole platter is just nice to share among two persons.

Cheese Garden Cheesecakes Platter Tokyo Skytree

Uhm...right, to be honest with you. The cheesecake platter was not enough for us, the two hungry monsters ladies. In our defence, we have not had our lunch yet (hehe). So...to cut story short, we ordered another dish, the cheese fondue. The fondue is served inside a bowl of bread with potato wedges at its side. Yummy!!! I just love eating cheese, really.

Cheese Fondue at Cheese Garden in Tokyo Skytree

Once you have finished eating, you may want to proceed to the souvenir store which is located near the entrance. You can buy a whole cheesecake if you would like to. The cheesecakes are stored in a super nice packaging. 

Whole cheesecakes at Cheese Garden at Tokyo Skytree

But if you are a light traveller like me (or you still have a lot of stuffs left on your to-buy-list), you can buy smaller souvenirs from Cheese Garden. The cheese cookie and cheese fruit tarts are superb. I really regretted the fact that I only bought two cheese tarts *cry*.

Cheese Garden Tokyo Skytree Souvenirs

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