10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Donguri Kyowakoku Solamachi Store, Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the latest television broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo. Situated in Sumida City Ward, the 634 meters tower if the tallest building in Japan. There is a large shopping mall and aquarium at the base of Tokyo Skytree. Due to its height and the angle it is viewed from below, it is extremely difficult for us to pose with Tokyo Skytree, really. Hahaha.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Donguri Kyowakoku Solamachi Store, Tokyo Skytree

One particular store which is located at the entrance of Tokyo Skytree intrigued us. Why is this the case? Donguri Kyowakoku Solamachi Store (that's a long name for a store) is selling a lot of merchandises inspired from Studio Ghibli's characters like Totoro from the classic movie, My Neighbour's Totoro.

You can find a big stuffed Totoro sleeping peacefully inside a tree bough inside the store. That looks pretty cozy indeed. 

Big Sleeping Totoro at Tokyo Skytree

Other than stuffed toys, you can also find other souvenirs such as face tower. I don't think I have the heart to use this really. Hahaha.

Totoro's face tower at Tokyo Skytree

This particular corner inside Donguri Kyowakoku Solamachi Store is very cute. If my house is big enough, I would totally put this in the corner of my private garden. Together with my dream bonsai garden. 

Totoro's Garden Decoration at Tokyo Skytree

Other than Totoro, you can also find Jiji, the talking cat from the movie, Kiki's Delivery Service. There are handkerchieves and gift cloth wrapper featuring Jiji. I do wonder though, do people still carry handkerchief nowadays?

Jiji's Handkerchieves and Wrapping Cloth at Tokyo Skytree

Aww...the cutesy dust bunnies from My Neighbour's Totoro. I ended up buying this cute dust bunnies pin. I haven't used it until today though. LOL.

Cute Totoro keychains at Tokyo Skytree

The grinning cat, the Catbus (well, it did serve as a bus in My Neighbour's Totoro), can be spotted inside the store too. I don't think it is for sale though. 

The Catbus from My Neighbour's Totoro in Tokyo Skytree

If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli's works, do give the store a visit. You will surely have a fun time inside. 

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