10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Dotonbori Famous Gyoza, Osaka Ohsho

Imagine you are walking with a hungry stomach and suddenly there is a big signboard in gyoza (re: Japanese dumpling) shape in front of you. What would you do in this kind of situation? Like what the saying says "if you can't beat it, join it", I...decided to eat it. LOL.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Dotonbori Famous Gyoza, Osaka Ohsho

The big gyoza signboard turned out belongs to Osaka Oshko, a famous restaurant in Osaka specializing in gyoza. The restaurant at Dotonbori is very popular and we had to queue for at least 20 minutes before we got near to the cashier. 

Osaka Oshko Gyoza Restaurant in Dotonbori

Take out menu is available and there is a rank on which item sold the best here at Osaka Oshko. Well, I guess that makes ordering easier for tourists like us. I suppose the no. 1 item, the Osaka Dumpling is a must to order. 5 pieces of Osaka Dumpling costs 200 Japanese Yen. There are so many things to eat at Dotonbori, so it is good to have an option to buy small portion. Hahaha.

Take out menu of Osaka Oshko Dotonbori

There are seats available though, so we decided to dine in instead. After all gyoza tastes better when they are served piping hot. Yum!

Osaka Dumpling at Osaka Oshko Dotonbori

If you are too full from all those eating at Dotonbori, you can visit the souvenir store here. The souvenir store at Dotonbori sells a lot of...erm...let's just say interesting stuff. For a start, there's a weird uncle doll which I totally have no idea who's ever going to buy. Really.

Souvenir Store at Osaka Oshko Dotonbori

And if that uncle doll is not weird enough, there is this...uhh..fake boobies? Is this item supposedly for men or women? Will a guy be able to buy this item with a straight face? 

Boobie Toy at Dotonbori souvenir Store

If you are a bit turned off by the above stuff, don't run away yet, the souvenir store do have normal stuff like food. Hahaha. Well, at least the packaging looks normal to me. This one seems to be related to banana. Probably banana sponge cakes. 

Osaka Banana Sponge Cake at Dotonbori

You can spend quite a lot of time here if you want to check out the items one by one. So do enjoy your time slowly at Dotonbori. 

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