10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Fuji Q Highland Souvenir Store

When we went on day trip to Mount Fuji, we had nice Japanese lunch near the site of Fuji-Q Highland, a major amusement park in the Fuji Five Lakes region. Fuji-Q Highland is best known for its thrilling, record holding roller coasters. We can see Fujiyama, which is used to be highest roller coaster in the world, from the window of our restaurant. Too bad, we did not really have time to go play in Fuji Q Highland. Although, I'm quite sure my travelling buddy felt relieved instead as she does not have to ride the roller coaster. LOL.

Fuji Q Highland Fujiyama Roller Coaster Japan

On the more-relaxing side of our itinerary, we really love browsing through the souvenir store in Fuji Q Highland. The souvenir store is located outside the theme park and near to the restaurant and onsen. For a start, there are a lot of chocolates sold in the shape of Mount Fuji.

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Fuji Q Highland Souvenir Store

Something which looks like custard cake. 

Custard Cake at Fuji Q Highland Souvenir Store

Mount Fuji Sake.

Mount Fuji Sake at souvenir store in Japan

I don't know whether this is another type of the sake or soy sauce, but the bottle looks cute. 

Fujiyama Sake at Fuji Q Highland Souvenir Store

The souvenir store also carries a range of goods from Gaspard et Lisa. 

Gaspard et Lisa souvenirs at Fuji Q Highland

As Fuji Q Highland is located at the feet of Mount Fuji, it has become another perfect place to view Mount Fuji from afar. 

Beautiful Mt Fuji from Fuji Q Highland Japan

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