10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Fujisan World Heritage Site

At the planning stage of the trip, my friend suggested to go to Mt Fuji. I was reluctant because it seems very troublesome to go free & easy to Mt Fuji as I did not know which public transportation to take. Luckily, my friend heard from one of her classmates (they study Japanese together) that we could book a day tour to both Mt Fuji and Hakone. End of story, my friend booked us a day tour by motorcoach (mini bus, I suppose) to Mt Fuji and Hakone with Japanican. This is how the bus looks like. Pretty comfy unless you are a big size man. No worry if you are big, you can take two seats for yourself as the tour organiser usually will not fill the bus to the brim.

Motorcoach to Fujisan Japan

Our first stop for the day is Fujisan World Heritage Site. Fujisan (re: Mt Fuji) is best seen not from the mountain itself. The world heritage site is functioning more like an observatory or photospot to take the best look of Fujisan. It took us two hours from Shinjuku to Fujisan World Heritage Site. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Fujisan World Heritage Site

As the tour itinerary is quite packed, we only have 40 minutes at the world heritage site. But don't worry, it is more than enough because the only thing that you can do here is taking picture of Mt Fuji (which looks awesome on a bright clear day) and buy souvenirs (do it later as photo-taking is more important).

Mt Fuji on a clear blue sky

The funny thing is, it seems that some kind of developments is current in progress here. If they are building a tall building, the view of Fujisan will be blocked, no? I had totally no idea of what they are currently building here though. Let's hope they just build...let's say...carpark? =P

Observation Deck for Fujisan Heritage Site in Japan

I think the best photospot to pose with Fujisan is right at the corner of the railing. Managed to do this shameless pose when not many people left in the observation deck. 

Best spot to pose with Fujisan in Japan

Do allocate yourself a time to look around the souvenir store. There is always a limited edition of Kitkat, the famous chocolate brand in Japan. This time around, the limited edition flavour is strawberry cheesecake. Oh my gawd, I quickly got myself a box. XD

Strawberry Cheesecake Kitkat at Fujisan World Heritage Site Japan

There are cute handphone decorations too. It comes in blue and red. 

Handphone keychains at Fujisan World Heritage Site

Don't forget to visit the washroom as the journey ahead is pretty long and there is no more toilet break until you reach the lunch venue. 

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