10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Grilled Butter Scallops at Dotonbori, Osaka

Our curiosity was immediately piqued when someone who looks like a professional chef in a restaurant, busy grilling scallops at the roadside. I wonder if he's cooking for a take away counter on behalf of certain restaurant nearby. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Grilled Butter Scallops at Dotonbori, Osaka

Oh well, not if that matters. What matters is what lies beneath our eyes. That grilled scallops look pretty amazing, don't you think?

Dotonbori Street Food Grilled Scallops

And it smells good too. We quickly joined the crowd to make an order for ourselves. Hahaha. #easytarget

Yummy grilled butter scallops in Dotonbori Osaka

This is how you are gonna get your scallops. The chef grills the scallops with butter and then pours some soy sauce onto them. They are piping hot so do eat with care.

Scallops in Dotonbori Osaka Japan

Continuing on our random journey in Dotonbori, we saw another weird creature inside one of the souvenir store. Okay, what is this creepy clown doing inside the store selling what seems to be a custard filling sponge cake? 

Osaka Food Souvenirs at Dotonbori

What? The creepy clown seems to be a popular endorsement product as butter cookies in its shape has been declared as no. 1 to buy product in Osaka (at least in this souvenir store). 

Kuidaore Taro Butter Cookies in Osaka Dotonbori

Turns out the creepy clown has been in Osaka since 1950 (oh my gawd, he's old?). His name is Kuidaore Taro and he was originally brought to the Cui-daore restaurant as a marketing tool to bring more customers into the shop. The clown is supposedly has an expression of "eating too much" [okay, that's pretty weird] as what his name, "Kuidaore", means in Japanese. 

Kuiodaore Taro Honey Cookie in Osaka Dotonbori

But the clown's face is literally plastered in nearly all food products from cookies to cakes to puddings in this Dotonbori store really. After knowing the meaning of his name, isn't this an irony? LOL.

Kuidaore Taro Pudding in Osaka Dotonbori

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