10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hakone Kojiri Terminal Souvenir Store

When you book a day tour to Mount Fuji, chances are the tour itinerary includes a sightseeing cruise along Lake Ashinoko, which together with Mount Fuji make a symbol of Hakone. Our tour bus dropped us at Hakone Kojiri Terminal where our cruise is docked. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hakone Kojiri Terminal Souvenir Store

Such a cute art drawn on the terminal door.

Hakone Kojiri Terminal in Japan

As usual, there is a souvenir store in every terminal in Japan including at Hakone Kojiri Terminal. But, the first thing that we saw in the souvenir store is not meant to be eaten by human. Because they are cookies especially made for dogs. Oh wow. Did you see the packaging for dog's cookies? I bet the dogs will be happy too when they see such a nice gift.

Cookies for Dogs at Hakone Kojiri Terminal

The rest of the cookies are edible by human, don't worry. The matcha pocky taste so good. But I recently see both the matcha pocky and collon in Singapore. I guess you don't have to travel that far anymore if you miss these Japanese snacks. 

Japanese Snacks at Hakone Kojiri Terminal

This snack is so weird. Hahaha. I suppose it is a sponge cake shaped like Mount Fuji with a pair of eyes. XD

Mount Fuji Sponge Cake at Hakone Kojiri Terminal

There are Mount Fuji cookies too. Majority of the cookies in Japan has cute mascot, really.

Akafuji Club Mount Fuji Cookies

After we replenished our stash, we were ready to board our cruise. There is a map showing the cruise routes on Lake Ashinoko. But it is written in Japanese so yeah, let's just see and move on. 

Map of Hakone and Lake Ashinoko

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