10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, Japan

After we had enough fun looking through the souvenirs at Hakone Kojiri Station, we were finally ready to board our cruise. The sightseeing cruise at Hakone is usually done at Lake Ashinoko, a lake formed in the caldera of Mount Hakone after its last eruption 3000 years ago. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, Japan

The cruise is quite big and it has so many seats available. We did not really spend our time indoor though because in order to see the best view of Lake Ashinoko, you just have to stand at the deck. 

Boat Cruise for Sightseeing at Lake Ashinoko Hakone

The area surrounding Lake Ashinoko is mostly underdeveloped with only a few terminals and resort lake hotel. 

The cruise terminal at Hakone Japan

Other than the sightseeing cruise, visitors can also hire the swan pedal boat from the Hakone Kojiri Terminal to enjoy the view of the lake while dating your beloved one. You know, the sensation that you get, as if the whole world (in this case, a lake) belongs only to the two of you.

Swan Boats at Lake Ashinoko Hakone Japan

Lake Ashinoko is really beautiful in a clear day. Everything looks blue. A boat cruise from one end of the lake to the other takes roughly 30 minutes and it costs 1,000 Japanese Yen, if you are not taking the tour.

Lake Ashinoko at Hakone Japan

The sky was so clear, we were able to spot the moon. Wow.

Clear Blue Sky at Lake Ashinoko Hakone Japan

We rode the boat cruise to the Lake Side Park Hakone-En, where the ropeway (another famous activity in Hakone) is situated. The boat cruise was quite fun. You may be able to see Mount Fuji too from some points at Lake Ashinoko.

Lake Side Park Hakone-en Japan

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