10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Heiroku Sushi, Omotesando

When you are in Japan, you should not miss the chance to eat the local favourite, sushi. Sushi is an art in Japan and you can't make a living by selling those lousy not-so-fresh sushi to the customers. But the thing is...sushi restaurant is abundant in Japan. In Tokyo alone, there is countless number of sushi restaurants which we see wherever we go. We decided to try a sushi joint named Heiroku Sushi simply because it's conveniently located in Omotesando. 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Heiroku Sushi, Omotesando

Heiroku Sushi turns out to be a popular sushi chain in Japan. When we came, there is this snaking queue up to the point that we had to wait outside because the line inside the restaurant was already long enough. 

Heiroku Sushi Menu at Omotesando Tokyo

Thankfully, Heiroku Sushi put their menu (with pictures) in front of the restaurant too so we could slowly choose what we wanted to eat. The price range for the sushi seems to be on the reasonable side. We did not see any sushi which is priced ridiculously beyond belief. 

Heiroku Sushi Menu Display at Japan

After 45 minutes or so, we had finally joined the indoor queue. Can't help looking at what people in front of us are eating while we were waiting for our turn to get seats. 

Heiroku Sushi Joint in Tokyo Japan

15 minutes later we were finally assigned seats at the conveyer belts. The condiments are complete and there are a lot of them on the table so you don't really have to share with the diners sitting next to you.

Condiments at sushi restaurant in Japan

Lots and lots of sushi passing by. If you don't see your favourite sushi on the belt, you can make an order by calling the waiter/ waitress to take your order. Just like ordering sushi in Sushi Tei in Singapore I suppose.

Heiroku Sushi Conveyer Restaurant in Omotesando Japan

What's different from the usual sushi joint in Singapore is the fact that there is a super big piece of tuna fish displayed in the middle of the belts. This tuna is basically the premium item. The sushi chef will announce (loudly) when they are about to serve this premium tuna sashimi on the belts. As it is considered premium, there is only a limited serving sold to diners within a day. 

Premium tuna sashimi at Heiroku Sushi Omotesando Japan

We took one plate of the premium tuna because we were after all curious tourists. I can't really appreciate eating tuna sashimi as compared to salmon sashimi but I can say that this tuna sashimi is very fresh. There is no fishy smell at all (not like the one I ate in Singapore last time). 

Tuna Sashimi at Heiroku Sushi Omotesando Tokyo

Heiroku Sushi is located right across Omotesando Hills. You will not miss the restaurant's sign and the queue outside the restaurant, especially during peak dining hours. 

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