10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Japanese Lunch at Kokorogi, Fuji Highland

I was really looking forward to the lunch which is part of our Japanican tour to Mount Fuji. Why is that so? Because finally we were going to taste the traditional Japanese lunch set which always look so pretty in those travel documentaries which I watched on telly. The restaurant that Japanican booked for the tour is located near Fuji-Q Highland, a popular theme park at Fujisan area. The restaurant is called Kokorogi. There is also an onsen nearby if you'd like to go for one (but you have to do that free and easy as you will not have enough time to go for onsen when you join a tour). 

10D9N Spring Japan Trip: Japanese Lunch at Kokorogi, Fuji Highland

The restaurant is pretty big and it seems to cater to a lot of tour groups. Some of the diners seem to stay at the nearby hotel though.

Kokorogi Japanese Restaurant at Fuji Q Highland

There are two menus provided for the tour participants, the non-vegetarian and the vegetarian menu. As you can see, the menu is pretty extensive. One can't help but wonder how the whole things gonna look at the plates.

Regular and vegetarian menu at Kokorogi Fuji Highland

When the dishes come, they come together at one go. And they look so aesthetically pleasing oh my gawd. 

Japanese Traditional Lunch at Kokorogi Fuji Highland

I suppose I should start with the udon first since it will not be that nice if it turns cold and soggy.

Udon at Kokorogi Fuji Highland

And then I continued on to my second platter which is filled with fried items (re: tempuras) and the pretty tamago and fishcakes. 

Tempura and Tamago at Kokorogi Fuji Highland

Last but not least, wait is that salad? So am I supposed to eat this first. Okay, no matter in what particular order you enjoy your traditional Japanese lunch, you will enjoy it anyway. XD

Salad and mochi at Kokorogi Fuji Highland

Thankfully Japanican allocated 2 hours for the lunch as we totally spent probably around 30 minutes just to take pictures and post them on Instagram. LOL. 

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